• 2019, 2020, 2021

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2019 Otherness ‘Skuld’ Eden Valley Riesling x 2
2020 Otherness ‘Skuld’ Eden Valley Riesling x 2
2021 Otherness ‘Skuld’ Eden Valley Riesling x 2

Winemaker: Ian Hongell

Club De Locos

Otherness has recently established our mailing list as a food and wine club called Club de Locos, the Club of the Crazies.

You might not consider yourself in the least bit crazy and might be wondering why such a designation might have any appeal or advantage to you. Having been one of the sales and marketing team for many years at Rockford, I have observed the ways in which both members and brand can benefit if the offerings are real and tangible. Our food and wine club will provide unique access to micro-release wines, back vintages, dining and tasting experiences as well as food products to customers who have invested in the evolution of our fledging business.

We feel that we are uniquely placed to offer tiny releases of wines made in collaboration with highly respected winemakers who share a history and perspective with Otherness.

Our first offering is a multi-vintage six pack of the Eden Valley Riesling that we craft with Ian Hongell, Chief winemaker at Torbreck. I share the view with many great winemakers that Riesling offers additional pleasures when consumed several years after its vintage. By naming the three Otherness Rieslings after the Norns (female deities who control destiny) from Norse Mythology, we always intended to demonstrate the Rieslings would outlive many of the red wines being produced in our region.

Our Skuld Rieslings develop depth, complexity and gravitas with accumulated years in the bottle. Our first Club de Locos offering if for a mixed six-pack of Skuld Eden Valley Rieslings from the 2019, 2020 and 2021 vintages. Here are some brief description of these wines:

The second release of Skuld from 2019, a warmer vintage, provides tangible proof that the mouth-filiing, rounded “fullness”, and a tertiary flavour spectrum of lime curd, preserved lemon and marmalade accommodates all manner of food matching possibilities, I remember thinking that it provided the perfect wine match with our chef Sam Smith’s Coq au Vin. Equally, it resonates perfectly with seafood and other proteins cooked in tomato-based sauces. This will continue providing pleasure for at least 6 – 10 years.

The 2020 Skuld is perhaps my favourite among all the Rieslings that have been released under the Otherness label. There is something epic about the wine’s sensuality, the drive, the primary freshness, the thirst-quenching lime and grapefruitiness. If ever a wine demonstrated the perfect potential for pairing with Asian cuisine flavors, this is the one. No surprise as this was originally conceived with the Asian flavors of nuoc cham and other Southeast Asian sauces in mind. This deserves a place, hidden in a dark corner of your cellar for the next ten years.

2021 was the first of three consecutive La Niña vintages in South Australia and provided the conditions to craft expressive, text-book Riesling flavors that will unfurl glacially over many years. We have provided so many customers with an outstanding beginning to the Otherness Dining experience by pairing the wine with the freshest shucked-to-order Gazander Oysters from Coffin Bay, demonstrating a perfect symbiosis of wine pairing: both Oysters and Riesling combine to make each a more sensual ad flavorful experience. There is no hurry to break into these unless you only looking to enjoy primary freshness. I can only imagine the pleasure that this will provide in another decade or two.

So, as an introduction to Club De Locos, and to thank you for your ongoing support as we contemplate future projects and offerings, we are happy to offer mixed six packs containing two bottle of each of these three vintages of Skuld Eden Valley Riesling for $150. Crazy eh?


    Eden Valley