Club De Locos

Introducing ‘Club de Locos’, a wine club with a difference.

Wine customers don’t need another wine club, to clog the inbox with inane offers and periodically heavily discounted wines that have already been purchased at release at full price. How annoying.

But in 2023, we are in a different time and place. 

Otherness – our name says it all: our customers have come to expect a different approach in our sales and marketing just as we have developed a different model in the collaborative nature of our winemaking.

Joining the Otherness Club de Locos is free. Why Join?

  • Free Shipping on 12 bottles of wine.
  • First access to events
  • Seasonal offers
  • Did we say it’s Free to join?

The staff at Otherness will strive to celebrate the essential beauty in a madness that allows us to live our lives searching for truth, goodness and beauty.

Simply register your details below and become part of the ‘Club de locos’

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Our wines are good. Made by some of the best winemakers we know. But expect a different experience than just purchasing delicious bottles. Expect to enter a world of ‘beautiful crazy’ where you will have first access to events scheduled that celebrate the world of wine, the finest cuisine but Otherness also seeks to enrich our community and fund charities that we believe in.

Benito Quinquela Martin

Through the experience and knowledge of my long time friend Craig Evans (who with his wife Romina previously ran a charitable mission in Argentina), we have allowed ourselves to be influenced by the painter and social conscious artist Benito Quinquela Martin who lived in the heart of the portside Barrios of La Boca, Buenos Aires.

As well as depicting the tough life in the barrios in his art, Quinquela (1890 -1977) dedicated himself to the cultural development and health of his impoverished community.

In 1948, a well-known poet visited Quinquela and presented him with a playful gift, a rusty bent screw, saying “here master, in case you need it”. This inspired Quinquela to establish ‘The Order of the Screw’ whose members were to become cultivators of ‘truth, goodness and beauty’.

Quinquela saw that the pursuit of material concerns enslaved people. He promoted the idea that the essential ‘madness’ inside certain people made those people indispensable to a world that often lacks hope.

Membership in the Order of the Screw became a coveted trophy in Argentina and beyond, with even Charlie Chaplain becoming a notable honoured.

Thus, we at Otherness are inspired to pay homage to Quinquelas nights of coloured noodles where wine was served in penguin mugs and where honourees were presented with a loosely fitting bent rusty screw.

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