If ever there was a personality that sums up the otherness of Otherness, it would be Casey Pfeiffer!
Casey brings something refreshingly different to our wine bar experience. On the surface this is evident in her attire: hand crafted and outrageously colourful, she heads home after a busy service to her sewing machine and crimping scissors to fashion a new outfit, sometimes for herself, but almost as often for our staff and customers.
Casey is a fly fishing enthusiast. Perhaps I make this sound like it’s a mere pastime, but she is very credentialed and has fished throughout Australia, the USA, New Zealand and many parts of Europe. Last year she was ranked #16 in the woman’s world championships in Norway and Bosnia. Married to well-known fisherman Lubin Pfeiffer, they once spent three years living in the back of a van whilst fishing full time.
Casey’s fishing life doesn’t end there. She has been writing for fishing magazines for a decade and runs a side business distributing fishing gear in Australia and NZ.
Although Casey has no family history in the wine industry, she is a fellow Rockford alumnus and can guide our customers to a great bottle for any dish or any occasion.
Please don’t get her started on discussions about dogs. She will never leave your table! Casey gleefully admits to dreams of owning many, many pooches. Or being owned by many, many pooches.
Catch-and-release Casey. Organising our events (how good was NYE?) Luring our customers in one by one and ensuring that their Otherness experience is sublime.
Committed to our culture and our community, Casey is currently working with Andy to establish our Club de Locos, the crazy little wine club for our inner-sanctum customers.
Even though she sometimes hijacks my playlists, I love working alongside her! Come and meet Casey soon; you can tie your dog up out the front!

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