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Based out of Otherness Wine Bar in Angaston we are a group of thoughtful, socially conscious chefs who share a similar outlook on food and enjoy cooking together. Having worked in renowned restaurants around the region and the world, we have all now found our way to the Angaston area.  We would like to bring our experience to the town and wider community through a series of one-off events and short-term residencies running throughout April and May 2024.

Resident Otherness chef Sam Smith says “Angaston is a very special and unique sub region of the greater Barossa.  We have an amazing wealth of dining and chefs in such a small area.  It feels natural to start bringing us all together.  This collaboration feels like a natural extension of the inclusive approach we have established to dining at Otherness. No fanfare, just great food, enjoyed either as a snack with a glass of wine or the full tasting menu experience”.

The series will kick off with the ‘Angaston Chefs Collective Launch Dinner’ on Saturday 6th April.  A collaborative 4 course shared meal and snack menu featuring dishes from all of the team. $180 per head.  Spaces limited. Bookings essential via otherness website: CLICK HERE

This will be followed by our collaborative residencies with Clare Falzon joining Emily Thomas throughout April, and Sandor Palmai joining Sam Smith throughout May. The residencies will maintain the essence of our wine bar style menu, remain inclusive, and are an opportunity to bring new influences and flavours to our Otherness customers.

We also hope to extend the initiative through future collaborations, residencies and events at Otherness and around the region.

Our current members of Angaston Chefs Collective include:

Sam Smith – After a move to the Barossa and a long stint as Executive Chef at Fino Seppeltsfield, Sam has brought his relaxed, produce driven, collaborative and community focused approach to dining to Otherness.  

Emily Thomas – Resident chef at Otherness, Emily has worked throughout the world including stints at London’s The River Café, Bills in Sydney, and running her family’s own orchard and garden café in New Zealand.  She is obsessed with seasonal quality produce and connecting with like-minded cooks & producers. Food and travel memories are at the core of what inspires her to cook, share and find joy in life.

Clare Falzon – Former Executive Chef of Hentley Farm Restaurant, holds a strong emphasis on the importance of quality produce, food experiences, and the role these play in community, connection and wellbeing. Before making the move from the east coast to Barossa, much of Clare’s career included working, learning and travelling both interstate and abroad. These experiences have greatly influenced their approach to cooking and creativity. The abundance of exceptional South Australian produce allows Clare to cook passionately and without inhibition.

Sandor Palmai – Recently ended his tenure as Rockford Stonewall table chef and Krondorf farm manager and has been an integral part of the Barossa food scene for many years. He was involved in the landmark beginnings of 1918, The Landhaus and Barr Vinum. He has a deep understanding of produce and the ethics that underpin his food. Sandor is committed to fostering community connections and creating collaborative, memorable dining experiences.

“From the beginning, the concept of ‘collaboration’ has been integral to the spirit of Otherness. It feels as though a potent energy is unleashed when two different minds come together and begin to explore divergent approaches, both in winemaking and in cooking.

Sam and Emily have been inspiring each other within the Otherness kitchen for nearly two years. Their repertoire of quiet, thoughtful, seasonal dishes continues to evolve and to surprise and delight our audience of local regular customers.

But Sam’s new initiative offers even more scope for collaborative excellence. Otherness is poised to become the culinary equivalent of New York’s Brill Building, when songwriters including Burt Bacharach, Neil Diamond, Neil Sedaka, Paul Simon and Carole King worked in adjoining booths within the eleven-story building and collectively wrote some of the greatest hits of the period. 

One can only imagine the dishes that with will emerge when these four chefs begin tuning their mandolins”.  – Grant Dickson, Otherness Proprietor.

Otherness wine bar is open from: 
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